A vast array of scientific literature is concerned with simulation models. The aim of models is to predict the unknown situation as close to as real one. To do this, models are validated and examined for their performance under known condition. In this paper, commonly used model performance evaluation indices are overviewed and examined under different situations. Difference based, efficiency based (Nash and Sutcliffe coefficient, model efficiency of Loague and Green, Legates and McCabe’s index) and composite indices (such as index of agreement, d, and dr) were found ambiguous, inconsistent and not logical in many cases. A new index, Percent Mean Relative Absolute Error (PMRAE), is proposed which is found unambiguous, logical, straight-forward, and interpretable; thus can be used to evaluate model performance. The model evaluation performance ratings based on PMRAE are also suggested.

DOI number: 10.5027/jnrd.v4i0.01

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