Articles 2014

August: Using QUAL2K Model and river pollution index for water quality management in Mahmoudia canal, Egypt

July: Factors Influencing Adoption of Farm Management Practices in three agrobiodiversity hotspots in India: an analysis using the Count Data Model

June: Fundaments of agricultural sustainability or the quest for the Golden Fleece

May: Artificial neural networks to predict decreasing saturated hydraulic conductivity in soils irrigated with saline sodic water

April: Conservation through community: Attempt to untangle the tangled word

March: A Critical Review on the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan of Egypt

February:  Assessment of encroachment of urban streams in Ghana: a case study of Wa Municipality

January:  A new novel index for evaluating model performance

Articles 2013

December: Evaluation of methods for digital elevation model interpolation of tillage systems

November: Simulation of upward flux from shallow water-table using UPFLOW model

October:  New focus of environmental education programs

Indigenous perceptions of soil erosion, adaptations and livelihood implications: the case of maize farmers in the Zampe community of bole in the northern region of Ghana

September: Irrigation management strategies for winter wheat using AquaCrop model

August: Purification and characterization of Toxic Waste in the Aquatic Environment usin common carp, Cyprinus carpio

July: A proposal for tsunami mitigation by using coastal vegetations: some findings from southern coastal area of Central Java, Indonesia

June: Natural Resources Endowment and Economic Growth: The West African Experience

May: A water productive and economically profitable paddy rice production method to adapt water scarcity in the Vu Gia-Thu Bon river basin, Vietnam

April: Community perception on climate change and climate-related disaster preparedness in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

March: Purification and characterization of Toxic Waste in the Aquatic Environment usin common carp, Cyprinus carpio

February: Hydromorphological assessment as a tool for river basin management: The German field survey method

January: Site suitability analysis for Bay scallop aquaculture and implications for sustainable fisheries management in the Ha Long Bay archipelago, northern Vietnam

Articles 2012

December: Energy options from the 20th Century: Comparing Conventional and Nuclear Energy from a Sustainability Standpoint

October: Saline water pollution in groundwater issues and its control

September: Response on Sustainabilty- cliche in conservation circles

August: Sustainabilty- cliché in Conservation Circles

July: Monitoring for the Presence of Parasitic Protozoa and Free-living Amoebae in Drinking Water Plants

May: Environmental impact assessment of land use systems using emergy in Teresópolis-Brazil

March: In situ conservation and landscape genetics in forest species

Articles 2011

December: Analysis of water footprints of rainfed and irrigated crops in Sudan

October: Climate responsive and safe earthquake construction: a community building a school

August: Agrobiodiversity of cactus pear (Opuntia, Cactaceae) in the Meridional Highlands Plateau of Mexico