Nowdays, there is a worldwide movement of bike use, which highlights its health benefits, environmental friendliness and decongestion of cities. It´s considered a “salvation” trend; because of the high levels of sedentarism, metropolis and cities with severe traffic congestion problems, that generate high levels of greenhouse gases.

But… How long has the man used this way to move? Since the early 19th century.  The term bicycle was used by the very first time in France in the 1860s. Today many people ride bikes to work, for shopping, for fitness, and other reasons like environmental concerns, convenience, frugality, and enjoyment.

The recognized Copenhagenize Danish Design Co. blog made the report “The Copenhagenize index 2013 – bicycle friendly cities” using criteria of 13 categories:

Advocacy, Bicycle Culture, Bicycle Facilities, Bicycle Infrastructure, Bike Share Programme, Gender Split, Modal Share For Bicycles, Modal Share Increase Since 2006, Perception of Safety, Politics, Social Acceptance, Urban Planning, Traffic Calming.

The report was accomplished with the support of over 400 people around the world, who helped rank the cities, this support was crucial for providing an even more clear and precise ranking, said Copenhagenize´s team.

Then the cities that make up the 2013 ranking

  1. Amsterdam, Holland
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Utrecht, Holland
  4. Seville, Spain
  5. Bordeaux, France
  6. Nantes, France
  7. Antwerp, Belgium
  8. Eindhoven, Holland
  9. Malmo, Sweden
  10. Berlin, Germany
  11. Dublin, Ireland
  12. Tokyo, Japan
  13. Munich, Germany
  14. Montreal, Canada
  15. Nagoya, Japan
  16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  17. Barcelona, Spain
  18. Budapest, Hungary
  19. Paris, France
  20. Hamburg, Germany

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